The Best Bra for Large Sagging Breasts in 2019


Blessed with Large Breast?

The Cardrona Bra Fence in New Zealand In 1999 4 Bras Mysteriously Appeared Today There are 1000s of Bras

Hello Ladies,

Can we talk? Let’s be honest with one another. Our girls are special. They need to be treated with the utmost respect. Remember the time when we females couldn’t wait for them to show up and meet them? So, now I am a tween and my girls introduced themselves. I have six sisters and I was the only sista with big breast. I didn’t mind except I couldn’t play as much as the other girls.




These personal girl friends were very shy and sensitive if we females know what I mean. My excitement to get my first training bra was shattered. Training bras do not come in size 34E

You see, my first training bra turned out to be a super large elastic bandage. They used to be called binders. That was my mother’s idea of support and modesty.

It was my great-grandmother that gave me the lecture on the blessings of having large breast. Of As a young girl, couldn’t see those so-called blessings mostly because finding a good bra that fits felt like a curse.


Wearing the Wrong Bras

Statistics say 8-10 women are wearing the wrong bra size and we know it. The positive it that these beautiful girls do come in all shapes, colors and sizes.

I like most females wore the wrong bra size for years. Little girls which turn into future women were not taught the science behind finding a bra that actually fits.

What we don’t often realize is that cup sizes don’t equal the size of your breasts. They refer to the difference between the size of your breasts and your rib cage.

Some women know they’re wearing the wrong bra size but continue wearing it anyway. A study in the journal Ergonomics has shown that women with larger breasts tend to have an even larger error when choosing bra size.

Wearing the wrong bra size can produce breast pain and bra irritation. In a study on women horse riders and the impact of their bras, 40 percent reported breast pain and 59 percent reported at least one bra issue. But don’t worry: It’s a myth that ill-fitting bras cause breast cancer.

Age, breastfeeding, exercise, weight gain and weight loss can alter our bra sizes over time.



Why Do Breast Sag

Sagging breasts can be attributed to a number of things. I slightly mentioned a few reasons why our girls drop in last paragraph. Old age, menopause, breastfeeding, changes in weight, some exercises, wearing wrong bra and many other reasons.

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Some have natural downward-pointing breasts ingrained in their genetics, but the rest of us can’t be perky forever. Breasts are bound to sag later in life.

Even the size of the breasts can determine the amount of sag our girls will experience. Every pair of breast will sag or droop differently. Our girls will still need a bra when they decide to go south. Again, deciding what would work best for we females will take some time to research.

We know our girls will need lift and support properties in these new bras for our senior girls. If we females think finding a good bra was difficult when your girls were working with we females , wait until they sag. I found a few bras that have given me support, lift and comfort. Still, every female will need to take a good look at their girls and make an honest examination of the sagging.


My Bra Brands

Prima Donna Madison

I own this full coverage bra and the comfort is unbelievable. Saggy breasts are no issue when we females have got the right features included in one bra

Prima Donna’s Madison Bra is a one-hit wonder. Women who have experienced this bra have probably delved in deep by now, owning multiple colors of this particular model.


I absolutely love this bra for my sagging breast. This bra is beautifully designed, very elegant. The cups have just enough lining so that it can be worn with thin shirts without showing we females girls ‘high beams’. The top of the cups come up far enough to avoid the 4-boob look, where the cups appear to cut each breast in half. The straps are wide enough to be comfortable, but not so wide that the bra looks like something your grandmother would wear. The sides are wide enough to offer fantastic support.


I also have the Prima Donna Madison Full-Busted 3 Part-Cup Underwire Bra.

I like this one for extremely hot summer days when I want to wear a sun dress and air the girls.


You can also get the Prima Donna Madison Satin Seamless Molded Bra, Couture Full Cup Bra Style, Deauvile Full Cup Underwire and Balconette Bras.




Olga’s Luxury Lift

These bras are another great for sagging breast. I have a cousin with almost the same bra size as myself. Long story short I needed a bra and she suggested I try one of her’s on. All I can say is Wow!

Excellent coverage, very soft and smooth fabric. There is a small piece of very soft material that covers the underarm area without rubbing we females the wrong way. I wore her Olga Luxury Lift bra fastened on the 3rd row of hooks and the straps didn’t dig into my shoulders at all. That meant the band was providing most of the support and not the straps which has tormented me for most of my life.



Elomi Caitlyn Side Support

You will be mesmerized by the Elomi Caitlyn Underwire Side-Support Bra’s pearly luster-like shine and fluid embroidered design. And, just like the bra from Olga, it fulfills the needed features for women with saggy boobs, making this a popular pick as the best bra for saggy breasts.

Like most of the best bras for sagging breast the round and full coverage cups are cut and sewn to form a T with the stitching. This provides additional structure in the bra that helps to lift, shape, and support the breasts.

The material and structure of the bra do not allow for much stretch, which is actually a good thing for women with saggy breasts! It’s made with a combination of polyester and nylon, which means the bra will hold your boobs in place more and longer.


Chantelle’s Rive Gauche

Chantelle’s Rive Gauche bras are the 4th brand I found that is highly regarded. The greatest feature in these bras is the all over comfort the wearers rave about. That is a big win for women with saggy breasts.

The second greatest feature is how much it lifts especially since it is not as pricey as the other bras.

You need to know that these bras are made with an extra wide underwire. This means that a woman should know if they have a wide chest. This bra will give wide-chested women better distribution for their girls.

The design of this bra makes use of your sagging breasts. Instead of the majority of its weight falling downwards, it’s spread out across your chest, making it appear fuller. The full cups of dainty lace are in turn going to shape them up rounder for definition create a slimming illusion toward the center.



Yes, there are more great bras for sagging breast out there. The basics start with finding your correct bra size.

Find your size

Knowing what is the best style we females want. Understanding what material and features we females girls need.

Although I was focusing on finding a bra to fit my drooping girls well, just getting an overall good fit for every breast will enhance your mood and physical appearance.

I wanted to mention that the word for sagging breasts in also called Breast Ptosis.

Therefore, we females will have to know the different kinds of Breast Sagging or Ptosis. Is it Mild, Moderate, Significant, Lower Breast or Usual Sagging?

Only we females know…..