Nephrostomy Care

I think we humans can live better and develop some high moral standards by caring for our aged relatives and neighbors. Compassion, patience, understanding and mercy are almost obsolete these days. I mother is in a nursing home. I or we adult children do try to spend a lot of time with her. Making sure she gets proper nutrition!

We get together and have dinners for her right there at facility. She went blind last year and is confined to a wheel chair. Keeping her spirits up is our mission. Laughter is the best medicine! My mother of 11 offspring has a full repertoire of funny memories and she is not afraid to use them.



Now, she does have health issues as mentioned above. She has been a diabetic for some time. She had a complete hysterectomy late in life. That is when we noticed she could not hold her urine. The putrid smell from the Urinary Tract Infections she always seemed to be getting was loathsome indeed. The Managers/Staff at the Senior Apartment Complex where she lived complained vehemently, so she had to leave. We could not understand until now what was happening to this awesome human being.



Kidneys and Drainage

I found out but should have known all along that something was either blocking or just preventing urine to flow properly in my mom.

Nephrostomy tubes are needed when the normal flow of urine is not happening. Urine from your kidneys passes through tubes called ureters. Our ureters are connected to your bladder. If these ureters aren’t working well, urine stays in your kidneys and will cause problems. The nephrostomy tube is put in to drain urine directly from your kidneys.

Two summers ago mom had these tubes placed in for proper drainage. The tubes come out on back and urine is collected in these nephrostomy bags. The nursing staff cleans her site, places clean bandages over them, empties the bags if filled with urine, and I am sure much more.

I know nursing homes get a bad rap but they are still doing something the offspring of these geriatric residents can’t or won’t do. My hat, wig, scalp, dandruff, etc., goes off to all of them! Thank you So very, very much….



Understandably, nephrostomy tubes and.or bags have to be replaced. My mother gets her’s replaced every two months or 8-10 weeks. It is same day surgery and we make a family day out it when we can. We have lunch there in the hospital cafeteria and hang around for a bit.

My brother and I talk to her doctors about any concerns and he approves the procedure. Education is my motive behind everything in my life. Getting truthful, accurate information is the quest.

Common sense teaches me that the drainage system/s is our bodies, homes, cars, even the earth can get damaged or decay over time. This is how and why these tubes should be replaced. As you have read my mother’s doctors do not want any outbreak of infection or sepsis. Like I mentioned previously, she is a diabetic and we should all know how prone they are to infection.

I try to get her as much probiotics as I can. probiotics and prebiotics are very good for gut health. Everything goes to the gut and medications do mega damage.




Size Matters

I wanted to know if these tubes are one size fits all. I know, perish the thought right. Even if we are had the same condition age, weight, lifestyle, gender, height, would al be considered by you and doctor for comfort and stability.

I read that Nephrostomy tubes range from 5-32 F. I don’t think F stands for feet. It sounds more like a width or diameter because they have C and G on some brands I looked up.

Did I mention my mother has two of these in her back? The kidneys really need help in her.

What can I say? I am a female and bra sizes are ingrained deeply into my brain images. Smaller tubes of course have a higher susceptibility to become obstructed than larger catheters. However, the larger tubes can and do cause discomfort.

Also, there is a plethora of soft, durable materials available. Polyurethane, Polyethylene, Silicone are materials we already know about but I did a little troubleshooting about this material. .

Why Silitek?

Pigtail catheters are the smallest nephrostomy tubes available and are excellent for simple drainage. The distal pigtail design prevents accidental dilodgement. The catheter tip shape maintains the tube’s inherent memory but the tip can be unintentionally withdrawn from the renal pelvis during patient movement. So far this only happened once to my mom.

The Silitek Corporation is the only manufacturer of the ACMI silicone Pigtail.

Silitek Corp Private Company Company Profile

Sector: Technology

Industry: Hardware

Sub-Industry: Other Hardware

The Company’s products include keyboards, input devices, scanners, and silicone rubber. Silitek sells its products worldwide. Enough about that although every little thing that can help us make life easier is outstanding. I think of silicone I automatically think about breast implants. Oops!



So I can’t help thinking about liquids when I read anything about health, wellness, medicine, whether it is human, animal or plant. Nutrition always start with water, liquid, fluids. Urinating is an art form for me. The more I void the better I feel. Drinking can be scary for those that can’t swallow properly. I choked all the time when I had my stroke a few years ago. I was afraid and sipped very slow on drinks and had to eat slow as well.

I am not the healthiest of people. I start my day trying to drink first. Lemon water, organic teas and coffee if I want. I work tirelessly at eating food with high water content like celery, pears, watermelon, even grapes.

This was and still is my mission for myself and my aging gracefully mom. Whether we are aged or young it is vital for us to get plenty of fluids.

I was just finishing up on my Nephrostomy findings when all of a sudden I noticed something said that tickled my fancy.

This is it for more proper care of the tubes. Yes you will keep the site covered when you shower. Taping a clear plastic adhesive or bandage over the dressing is just fine. Taking a full bath not recommended for the obvious reasons.

Nephrostomy care also includes drinking 2-3 liters of liquid each day unless advised not to. Let’s do the math, shall we?

Drinking about 8-12 8oz. Cups a day will keep my mom healthier. They even tell us what the output of urine in the bags should be. They recommend 30 to 60 milliliters of urine drain into bags each hour.

I put Cell Food into my mom’s water when possible.

Voila! Eureka! My mom’s bags have the measurements on them. I am ready!