Female Self-Defense Products

There has always been crimes and injustices in the world. Statistics have proven that females have always been the most targeted all through history.

Even now with the increase in crime against women, despite the fact that advocacy groups have worked for over three decades to halt the epidemic of gender-based violence and sexual assault, the numbers are still shockingly high. I wanted to talk briefly about some female self-defense products that just might protect me and others.


Many Forms of Crime

The definition of crime used to be so simple. It is illegal or immoral activities. When a person steals something or commits murder, this is an example of crime. Polluting the water, even if it is not illegal to do so, is an example of a crime; a crime against nature. That is a fascinating example to me especially since the that the Earth and Nature is called ‘Mother Nature‘.

Naturally, with advances in technology and science the illegal or immoral definitions have been blurred. However, the word violence can never be misconstrued.

Victim rates of violent crimes have increased. Without warning, a situation can turn from safe to sorry; turning you not only into a victim, but the top news story of the day. Males are victimized too but for the sake of my topic I am focusing on females.

In 2005 the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, women experience about 4.8 million intimate partner-related physical assaults and rapes every year. Less than 20 percent of battered women sought medical treatment following an injury. Preventing injury or death is a positive movement for wellness in my humble opinion. Therefore, the need for a self-defense product/s for females is news-worthy.


Judicial Defense for Women

I believe the first self-defense product comes in the form of human rights. Legislation is quite aware that women need help in this regard. Growing up as a little girl I was horrified to learn that in times past and currently in some cultures, females or women are just property. Maybe this is why we are easy targets in society.




Therefore, having agencies that appeal to judicial authorities on behalf of women’ rights to be protected is virtually a god-given right.

Representative Sheila Jackson Lee introduced the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) for re-authorization (H.R.6545). This legislation provides critical improvements to VAWA which will ensure survivors of domestic violence can access vital resources to heal from trauma and rebuild their lives.

Sheila Jackson has set wheels in motion for females to improve their lifestyle. This is what I wish for us all.

We learned how to care for ourselves, out parents, children, grandchildren, siblings, neighbors, spouses, etc.

Education and awareness often deters unsafe conditions. As a little girl I wanted to learn as much as I could to work my way out of poverty or at least be able to sustain myself financially, physically, mentally and spiritually.

I am still learning this in the comfort of my home. Affiliates are all over the country now.


Reading the terms in this Act was incredibly informative. Listen to a few of these grants:

  • SMART Prevention Program to reduce dating violence, help children exposed to violence, and engage men in preventing violence;
  • Expands grants under the Public Health Service Act to support implementation of training programs to improve the capacity of early childhood programs to address domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking among the families they serve;
  • Preserves and expands housing protections for survivors;
  • Provides economic security assistance for survivors, by reauthorizing the National Resource Center on Workplace Responses, protecting employees from being fired because they are survivors of sexual assault or domestic violence, and protecting survivors’ eligibility to receive Unemployment Insurance.

Self-Defense is Not Normal

Humans were not designed to defend themselves. Think about it. We weren’t created with fangs, talons, poisonous venom, stingers, superhuman powers to destroy other freaks in or out of the galaxy.

I am from a large family and while the occasional squabbling broke out there was no slapping, biting, shoving, punching, spitting, wrestling. Us sisters did not have to defend ourselves against my brothers. I do know why some had to eventually learn how to protect themselves overtime but it is still abnormal.

Nowadays women have to go to work and that puts them in harms way. Domestic violence is still the number one crime against women and girls. Dating is like boot camp for many.

Domestic violence can be defined as a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over an intimate partner. This is not normal. Nevertheless, it happens and we women need to be aware. In my experience staying sober, being aware of any mental and/or emotional instabilities along with addictions is our best defense product. Get healthier inside and out.


This seems to be hard especially when children are involved and you didn’t notice that love, respect and kindness is absent. When you don’t feel safe, that is a giant clue and time to make subtle but strong moves to maintain your dignity and protect your god-given right to life and any children.

Keeping a hidden cell phone, good friends or family available, hidden money and car if you have one. Keep a bag/suitcase packed and hidden. Sending letters out to police stations about any concerns, if you belong to a religion reach out. Tell employers if you work, doctors are also prime candidates for abuse. I can’t afford a dog right now but I do have a doorbell that allows me to see visitors.

Great investment for me. Doorbells even come with dog barking sounds!

Speak out as a first self-defense mechanism and trust your instincts.


When It Gets Physical

No gender bending for me because I have seen it. There is violence between same-sex couples.

According to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, “domestic violence affecting LGBT individuals continues to be grossly under-reported and there is a lack of awareness and denial about the existence of this type of violence and its impact, both by LGBT people and non-LGBT people alike.”

What a tangle web of chaos we humans have spun ourselves. Seems like the more we violate moral crimes the more legal crime we commit. Having said that let’s see how we can change it for the better with a little more common sense and safety by way of self-defense products.

I don’t like tasers and pepper spray because I don’t don’t ever want to be that close to any potential predators but I do understand the need for these. We don’t necessarily have control over these matters. Carrying a gun is out of the question for me. People with disabilities like myself can’t afford to carry anything that drags them down further and the stress level would definitely overwhelm my already damaged fragile nervous system.

Personally I like these little Alarm Systems because they can used as a quit 911 call for medical and security measures. I even give them to my grands children just in case they feel unsafe.

Safety Alarms



All humans truly should think longer and deeper about the sanctity of life. It is truly a precious give and we treat ourselves and others like garbage just waiting to be thrown away. I do not believe God makes mistakes. He gave us free will and a moral compass and we have sail it far off course to where he wanted us to go. Paradise with no violence or fear or hurt and pain. We did that to ourselves and there are quite a few million that have learned not to live that way.