About Me

Welcome! All creatures sustain themselves by getting nutrients from what they eat and drink.

I remember thinking about this as a little girl. Way back in the early 70s, I learned that our human body is composed mainly of water. Very Interesting!

As a matter of fact we can go months without eating. However, it is only a matter of weeks that we can live without water.


My Health

I am the eldest of 11 children. We grew up poor but we were rich in other ways. I had wonderful grandparents that taught us how to appreciate life.

Working was a way of life. You can only imagine all the chores and responsibilities I had as the eldest female child. Looking out for one another was a normal and daily routine. Family, friends and neighbors said we were good kids.

Learning came easy for me. I was an A+ student all through school. Getting jobs came with a lot of discrimination but I always had a job.

Time Flies!

Now I am married, having children and working. As time went along I needed to go to training schools to learn various trades to keep a job.

Soon as I found the job I liked that could help me advance into a career I became ill with MS.

Now I had to learn how to care for myself and teach my family how important it is to eat better, exercise, avoid toxic food, water, and people.


The Swallowing Issue

It is now 1985  and life isn’t so bad. My husband and I lived paycheck to paycheck.

One day while at the job, which happens to be in a hospital, I start choking after eating my lunch. It happened again while eating dinner with my family. So for the next few days I only drank liquids.

Spoke to a neurologist at work and he informed me that some MS patients do have difficulty swallowing episodes.

He congratulated me for having enough sense to just drink and eat very slow. He also advised me to get most of my nutrition from what I was able to drink. This was before I even heard about smoothies and healthy shakes.

I really had to educate myself and modify how to get well during the times when it was difficult to swallow.

Drinking Nutrition

Now I am in the 2000s and thanks to the internet I can look up nutritious meals and drinks.

The Magic Bullet really help me drink my nutrition by blending proper foods in a snap.

I even helped my grandchildren by never buying baby food out of the jar. I made them myself for their health and convenience for parents. The markets are filled with protein drinks, vitamin waters and those green smoothies now.

I have benefited from just learning how to drink my nutrition. I even know what brands to grab quickly if I am traveling.

I want to share all the wonderful tasty and nutritious drinks I drank and still drink to keep me well.

That includes some basic knowledge of foods that can easily be transformed into a healthy drink.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,